Our Ingenuity

Entegro is at the forefront of Telecommunications technology, designing and deploying gigabit networks for future generations. We are proud to be industry leaders, working with communities, industry and service providers, to empower and connect people, homes and businesses, in urban and rural areas.

Clients are at the heart of what we do, locally and internationally. They know they can depend on our expertise, experience, innovation and standard of service - qualities drawn from the two successful entities behind Entegro: ipOne and Syncom. Whether it’s a green-field site or a network upgrade, we are your ideal partner, adding value, aiding growth and consolidating your network capacity requirements.

Entegro offers fully managed, outsourced solutions or combinations of individual component services, as required. All backed by Entegro’s commitment to quality, communication and social responsibility.

Our History

Entegro was founded in 2019 by the coming together of ipOne and Syncom – two successful telecoms companies with a shared enthusiasm to develop and build digital networks for future generations.

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Our Values

Our values act as our guiding pillars, to enable us deliver distinctive, consistent experiences. They shape who we are, the type of people we hire and the…

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Standards and Accreditation

Entegro is committed to excellence in the management of quality, health and safety, wellness and environment responsibility. This means having an effective system that allows continuous improvement of employee and client experience.

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Social Responsibility

In an environment that is beautiful, alive, and rich with resources that benefit all of us, the people at Entegro want to keep it that way. Every day we consider the impact of what we do to our environment...

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